Senator Tony Mendoza Welcomes Governor’s Approval of Lower San Gabriel River Recreation and Park District

October 15, 2017

Sacramento – Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) thanked Governor Jerry Brown for his approval of Senate Bill 45 (SB 45) today. The measure, Senate Bill (SB) 693, will provide communities along with the Lower San Gabriel River (SGR) greater access to recreational space as well as promote the river’s revitalization by authorizing the establishment of the Lower SGR Recreation and Park District, passed the Legislature with bipartisan support.

The SGR flows 43 miles through Los Angeles and Orange Counties, including cities such as Downey, Norwalk, and Lakewood. Today, most of the Lower SGR is channelized, with the section below Whittier Narrows Dam lined by concrete and confined by debris and flood control dams. Open space along the Lower San Gabriel Valley is relatively sparse, with limited areas for recreational opportunity. The Lower SGR surrounding areas lack parks, most notably in the central and northern portion. The parks that do exist are usually not adjacent to the river or are separated from the River by the I-605 Freeway.

The Lower SGR is in a geographical area encompassing all or part of a number of cities that is a high-minority and economically-disadvantaged region. This bill will authorize the establishment of the Lower SGR Recreation and Park District, provide access to future funding, and allow a single governmental body to represent these communities. Essentially, SB 693 will help ensure that residents in the areas surrounding the Lower SGR have access to the benefits of open parks that many other Californians enjoy

Senator Mendoza stated, “Residents of the Southeast cities along the San Gabriel River will always be grateful to Governor Jerry Brown for his support for creating the District.”


Senator Tony Mendoza, a Los Angeles native and former elementary school teacher in East Los Angeles, represents the 32nd Senate District encompassing portions of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. For more information about Senator Mendoza visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.




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