Whittier Hustle

MVP Jacob Celiz

June 27, 2019

Senator Bob Archuleta congratulates Whittier Hustle and MVP Jacob Celiz for winning the Cooperstown All Star Championship in New York City.

The local boys of summer from Whittier have been looking forward to this travel date for years. “It’s the talk of the town to play in the Cooperstown All Star Championship, Coach Michael Celiz said.

“We have been preparing the team since they were five years of age and now at 12-years-old, they conquered and overwhelmingly so,” he added.

The boys played teams from Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and California in a 64-team bracket. The team hit 53 home runs during the tournament and gave up only eight, while scoring 143 runs and allowing 27, which shows the caliber of the hitters and pitching staff on the team.

Jacob Celiz and Maverick Russell led the team with 11 home runs each followed by pitcher Gus Salazar with seven.  Congratulations also goes to teammates Khaleb Coleman, Niko Ramirez, Hayden Woodson, Josh Rodriguez, Isaiah Arteaga, Isaac Aguilar, Diego Serrano, and Gabe Buranasiri.